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I am a professional Full stack Wordpress developer, I have been doing web development on Wordpress for 8 years. In 2012, my friend and I made our first plugin for Wordpress, it was called Social Locker for Wordpress. At that time, the plugin became very popular, we did not even expect to get such a lot of installations (20,000 in the repository) and 12,562+ sales of the premium version (on codecanyon) of this plugin. Constantly improving the Social Locker for Wordpress plugin, we released new add-ons for it, which eventually became separate plugins and expanded our professional collection. We loved our work and users of our plugins felt our concern for them, so our plugins were gaining popularity, as our ideas were not new.

In 2014, I started developing a service based on the Social Locker plugin, we wanted to make a universal product that could be used by people who had nothing to do with Wordpress. To speed up the development of the service, I used the Yii2 framework and as a result, after 4 months of development, I completed the project. Unfortunately, due to the policies of social networks and because of problems with attracting investments, I had to abandon this project and again return to the development of plugins for Wordpress.

Latest projects

  • Clearfy – WordPress optimization plugin

    2017 - Wordpress plugin | 90 000 installs | 208 five stars

    Optimize and tweak WordPress by disable unused features. Improve performance, SEO and security using Clearfy — super easy, fast and zero code.

  • Robin image optimizer

    2017 - Wordpress plugin | 90 000 installs | 69 five stars

    Automatic image optimization without any quality loss. No limitations. The best WordPress image optimization plugin allows optimizing any amount of im …

  • Disable admin notices individually

    2017 - Wordpress plugin | 40 000 installs | 166 five stars

    Disable admin notices plugin gives you the option to hide updates warnings and inline notices in the admin panel.

  • WordPress Assets manager

    2017 - Wordpress plugin | 3 000 installs | 24 five stars

    Increase the speed of the pages by disabling unused scripts (.JS) and styles (.CSS). Make your website REACTIVE!

  • Woody ad snippets

    2017 - Wordpress plugin | 90 000 installs | 137 five stars

    Insert Headers and Footers, executes PHP code, uses conditional logic to insert ads, text, media content and external service’s code.



I like cooking, walking on bicycles, camping, playing board games with my friends, also I am fond robotics and sports. I spend most of my free time on self-education.